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➻ name : lee geonu (이건으)
➻ dob : february 2nd, 2001
➻ blood type : b
➻ nationality : korean
➻ mbti : entp
➻ fav sport : basket


➻ he was top 2 at his school but dropped out to pursue his dreams of becoming an idol

➻ many doubted his ability at first, but with hard work, he became the most respected trainee

➻ always the first person to arrive & last person to leave the practice room

➻ Geonu first came to the performing arts academy to learn acting. However, he soon became much more interested in dance. He confessed that he wanted to drop out of school to focus on his dreams of becoming an idol. At that time, he was top 2 in the humanities at his school.

➻ Geonu presented a powerpoint to his parents to convince them of his decision to drop out of school. Then, he took the GED (high school equivalency test) so that if he ever wanted to go to college, he had the choice. He passed the test with flying colors.

➻ When Geonu first wanted to become an idol singer, a lot of the other students doubted/ignored him. However, over the course of a year, he practiced harder & longer than anyone else and saw immense growth in his vocals, dance and fitness. He soon became the most respected trainee.

➻ Geonu was the type of student that if his vocal teacher mentioned ‘vocalization training’ just once in passing, he would go to a practice room by himself and practice for 5 hours straight.

➻ Geonu didn’t know how to play piano, but he wanted to sing while playing it. So, he memorized all the chords in his head and organized the lyrics into a powerpoint. Then, he asked his friend to flip the slides while he sang & played the piano. He always achieved his goals/dreams.

➻ Geonu was essential for mediating communication during group practices. He took charge to solve any fights between the students. At the end of a lesson, he liked to summarize everything he learned in his head. He was always the last person to leave the practice room.

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